We are proud to announce the official release of TopoDOT x64 Version 2023.1 for MicroStation CONNECT Update 15+. Please download and install the latest release to stay up to date with our newest developments. Downloads can be found from the link below or at the Downloads page.

Important Notes Regarding Update Compatibility

TopoDOT 2023.1 is compatible with all approved CONNECT products, including Open Roads Designer (ORD) 2022 Release 1 (Version which runs on Bentley’s MS Update 16 engine.

There was a compatibility issue between MicroStation CONNECT Update 17 and TopoDOT 2022.0. This issue has been addressed and there should be no problem running TopoDOT 2023.1 and MicroStation CONNNECT Update 17. For more information on between compatibility between platforms, visit TopoDOT vs MS Compatibility Chart.

What’s New?

There are many new tools, features and enhancements added to this release. The pillar of it being the “Template Editor”, a tool designed to provide a more user-friendly template creation process. If you would like to know more about the updates made in the release, please watch the TopoDOT 2023.1 Update webinar below.

Webinar Recording

To watch our recorded webinar, please log into our university webinars page!

TopoDOT 2023.1 Release Highlights

Release Agenda

  • Intro & Announcements
    • Versioning
    • TUC 2023
  • TopoShare™
    • TopoShare Basic
    • TopoShare Enterprise
  • Universal GUIs
    • Reminders
  • Assessment
    • Outline Data Voids – New Tool
  • Management and Visualization
    • Tile Parsing Wizard
    • Point Cloud Manager
    • Classification ID’s
    • Context Menu
    • Cross Section Tools
    • Conversion Wizard
    • Data Noise Thickness
  • Extraction and Modification
    • Template Editor – New Tool
    • Template Extraction Tools
    • Element Elevation Adjust
    • Rail Extraction
    • Road Extraction
    • Tunnel Extraction
    • Asset ID
    • Element Key Points
    • Smart B-Spline
  • Plotting
    • Rail Asset Offset – New Tool
    • Place Points on Element – New Tool
    • Place Oriented Text – New Tool
  • Analysis
    • Stopping Sight Distance – New Tool
  • Exporting
    • Feature Code Export
    • Displayed Image Export – New Tool
  • Misc.
    • RemindersQuestions
    • Contact US

Template Editor (New Tool)

Designed for easy creation, modification, and management of templates. Implements a Skeleton/Wireframe based system for storing templates within TopoDOT folder, eliminating the need for a cell library.

Key Features

  • Ability to edit existing skeleton and regions by adding/removing vertices.
  • Templates support the selection of any of the existing drape modes instead of a fixed center weight mode.
  • Allows for the use of cell-based templates. Cell-based templates need to be imported to the Template Manager and converted into the new format.
  • Ability to browse, delete, rename templates or categories by clicking on the ‘Template Manager’ in the tool.

Rail Extraction

Complete overhaul of the Rail Extraction tool. Improved GUI for better user friendliness.

Key Features

  • Implements templates similar to Auto Fit and supports multiple templates at once.
  • Allows for specification of Centerline Elevation, syncing and loading of multiple images, and locking/unlocking of rail gauge.
  • Graphical Scale Bar is overlaid for visual awareness.

Stopping Sight Distance (New Tool)

Designed to calculate “Stop Sight Distances” based on a given path, vertical offset, and posted speed limit automatically.

Key Features

  • Simulates a vehicle traveling along a path and checks line of sight distance based on AASTHO Greenbrook or user defined standards.
  • Allows for dynamic movement along the path and marking of specific spots for the report.
  • Results can be modified and translated to the final report.


Multiple enhancements for TopoShare Basic and TopoShare Enterprise.

TopoShare Basic: Admin/Access/General:

  • Supports SnakeGrid and similar compounding ‘low distortion’ coordinate systems.
  • 80-90% Log-in speed improvement for loading list due to API Optimization.

TopoShare Enterprise/Dashboard:

  • Custom form builder for the work request. This custom form will be unique for either the company or a specific form.
  • Dashboard Map now shows project tile footprints.

To download TopoDOT 2023.1, go to the downloads page under the TopoDOT University (login required), or download directly from the TopoDOT tool called “check for updates” under the settings tab.

For information about the tools discussed above, refer to the wiki (login required) for an in-depth explanation of the settings and video tutorials for each tool. Additionally, each tool’s wiki page can be accessed by clicking F1 on an active TopoDOT tool through MicroStation.

TUC 2023 – TopoDOT User Conference (May 9th – 12th, 2023)

  • Registration – open Feb 20th
    • We run out of spots every year, so make sure to sign up early before it’s too late!  
  • Agenda – will be released at the end of January.
    • 2 weeks prior to registration being opened. 
  • 4 Technical Tracks and Daily Tickets for the general sessions. 
  • Pricing can be found on the website.  TUC 2023 Website
  • Interested in Sponsoring and/or Speaking at the event?

Please let us know if you have any questions at support@topodot.com or (407) 248-0160.

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