Happy National Surveyors Week from TopoDOT!

We recognize the value of geospatial data collected along roads and rails by the men and women of the surveying community. That’s why we’re dedicated to making tasks like point cloud feature extraction more efficient and accurate than ever. Thank you for your dedication to this age-old trade – we look forward to supporting you for years to come!

And when we say age-old, we’re not exaggerating – did you know one of the first recorded uses of surveying was in Ancient Egypt?

“The history of surveying dates back to ancient times, with a recorded land register in Egypt in 3000BC, and re-establishment of farm boundaries following floods of the Nile River and construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza recorded about the same time.”

Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping

And in 2024, TopoDOT v2024.1 was released – click to find out more about new features and improvements or watch the webinar recording from our own Mike Cook.

Thanks for reading! If you want to learn more, visit us at TopoDOT.com.


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