We are proud to announce the official release of TopoDOT x64 Version 2023.2 for MicroStation CONNECT Update 15+. Please download and install the latest release to stay up to date with our newest developments. Downloads can be found from the link below or at the Downloads page.

What’s new?

There are many new tools, features and enhancements added to this release. The pillar of it being the “AI Ground Extraction”, a tool that leverages AI to accurately extract elevation shots on complex datasets requiring little to no cleanup. If you would like to know more about the updates made in the release, please watch the TopoDOT 2023.2 Update webinar below.

TopoDOT 2023.2 Release Highlights

Release Agenda

  • Intro & Announcements
    • Versioning
  • Universal GUIs
    • Reminders
  • TopoShare™
    • TopoShare Basic
    • TopoShare Enterprise
  • Assessment
    • Density Overview – New GUI
    • Deviation Overview – New GUI
  • Management and Visualization
    • Batch Routines – New tool/Workflow
    • Ground Classification – New GUI/Tool
    • Cross Section Along Element
    • Imagery Toolbox
  • Extraction and Modification
    • AI Ground Extraction – New Tool
    • Asset Identification
    • Rail Extraction
    • Template Editor
    • Cross Section Viewer
  • Plotting
    • Plot Points at Intersection – New Tool
    • Project Cells to Rail
    • Parallel Shape Element New Tool
    • Show/Hide Element Handles – New Tool
  • Analysis
    • Beam Extraction / Camber & Sweep – New Tool
    • Wall Monitoring – New Tool/Workflow
    • Stopping Sight Distance
  • Misc.
    • New Key-in & Action strings supported
    • New installer
    • RemindersTUC 2023 Content
    • Questions

AI Ground Extraction – New Tool

Leveraging advanced AI technology to point cloud surface extraction.

Key Features

  • Dramatically increases productivity for surface modeling
  • Processes complex datasets requiring little to no cleanup.
  • User-friendly with interactive QA/QC process.

Ground Classification – New Tool

Leveraging advanced AI technology to point cloud surface extraction.

Key Features

  • Processes complex datasets requiring little to no cleanup.
  • Batch routine available

Wall Monitoring – New Tool / Workflow

Highly automated process for extracting and reporting wall movement.

Key Features

  • Complete overhaul of Wall Monitoring workflow.
  • Allows for much more flexibility on where measurements should be taken, how reports are generated, and which data should be processed.

Beam Extraction / Camber & Sweep – New Tool

Measure the lateral and vertical deflection from an ideal beam design.

Key Features

  • Measures camber and sweep on beams – the up/down and side to side deflection
  • Ability to analyze and model beams based on a specific beam standard.
  • User-friendly interface for beam management and reporting.

To download TopoDOT 2023.2, go to the downloads page under the TopoDOT University (login required), or download directly from the TopoDOT tool called “check for updates” under the settings tab.

For information about the tools discussed above, refer to the wiki (login required) for an in-depth explanation of the settings and video tutorials for each tool. Additionally, each tool’s wiki page can be accessed by clicking F1 on an active TopoDOT tool through MicroStation.

Webinar Recording

Please log-in and access via our University page: University Webinars

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