Here at TopoDOT, we talk a lot about how our tools and processes save your technicians hours of work, and in turn, make your projects more profitable.

But how do we do that?

As an example, let’s dive into the Data Classification Brush – one of the new tools included in TopoDOT v2024.1

Cleaning up data is often a time-consuming process. With the Classification Brush, you have the ability to ignore existing classifications and visual select data to reclassify.

A perfect example of this is classifying a utility pole. Simply open the Classification Brush, select classes you want to remain locked, begin the tool, and “brush” the classification onto the data.

This is just one of several examples of how our tools are centered around improving your process.

And if you want to see more first-hand examples, TopoDOT Users Conference is less than a month away! Come out and network, learn, and have fun!


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