There is no tighter definition for precise mapping than a racetrack survey. Join us for one of coolest projects we have ever seen.

“Guiding the Course” Using Mobile Mapping and TopoDOT to Help Build a Formula 1 Track
Presented by:
Russell Hall, PLS, Mobile Mapping Manager at Langan 

Hosted by:
Filipe Pinto, Sales Manager at TopoDOT

On this session you’ll learn about the full cycle of the mobile data collection, data processing, and deliverable implementation of the Miami F1 Track by Langan, and how TopoDOT was used to create a high-fidelity track model. Additionally, Filipe Pinto will introduce the tools that make TopoDOT the prefect software for any road surface analysis. ​​​

Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc. provide an integrated mix of engineering and environmental consulting services in support of land development projects, corporate real estate portfolios, and the energy industry. Their clients include developers, property owners, public agencies, corporations, institutions, and energy companies around the world.

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