As you may know, the TopoDOT Users Conference is less than a month away. Make sure to save your spot before we’re at capacity. If you have been or will be involved in a surveying project soon, you should consider attending – especially if you’re an active TopoDOT user!

At TUC 2024, we’ll be covering the latest and greatest of what we have to offer – but today I wanted to show what these new features mean for your surveying project in terms of productivity.

Well-trained technicians using TopoDOT can…

  • Extract 10ft of curbs and gutters per second using our Template Extraction Technology
  • Extract 8-10 miles of Roadway Corridor Topography per 1 man-day using our suite of accurate, automated tools
  • Extract 1 roundabout per 8hrs using the same tools
  • Model 1 bridge per 4hrs using our Cross Section Extraction, Automatic Coordinate System orientation, and more

Get started with TopoDOT, our training, and in-house professional support at our website! Start boosting productivity and profitability in your next surveying project.


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