TopoDOT Extracting Value Webinar Series

In recent years the geospatial drone market has expanded dramatically. Drone based UAS LiDAR and Imagery systems vast differences make it difficult to choose the right solution. This presentation aims to explore their differences from the point cloud processing aspect. We will examine the pros and cons of each system for practical survey and mapping applications such as topographies, bare earth, volumetrics, etc. Learn how data accuracy, density, intensity/color and other data characteristics affect a deliverable. We’ll also show who to evaluate whether the data meets quality requirements for a certain application, and if it is suitable for automated feature extraction. Examples of automated extraction of break lines, surface models and asset identification will be demonstrated. Additionally, we will discuss the role of drone systems in supplementing other platforms for fusion projects and show some successful case studies.

The presentation discusses: 

Specific data characteristics of drone point cloud data
Learn how data accuracy, density, intensity/color, and other data characteristics affect deliverables. 

Compare Image based with LiDAR based datasets. 

Differences between high quality data and lower quality data
Learn why higher quality data promotes feature extraction automation. 

See practical extraction examples of automated extraction. 

Examine the pros and cons of drone for practical survey and mapping applications
Identify which data type works best for your application.

See project examples of topographies, bare earth, volumetrics, and more.

Show how drone data is being used in combination with other scanning platforms
See examples of data fusion and what is important to remember when using multiple sources of data in one project. 

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