TopoDOT wants you to expand the value of your data and create new business opportunities by offering the tools to assess road deformation at a reasonable cost using survey and mapping MLS technology. See how MLS data quality improvements have influenced a new wave of automatic surface analysis tool developments.

You’ll learn about: 

Advances in MLS technology allow for Road Surface Analysis
Identify relevant system characteristics to be able to successfully run the tools. 

See how this process differs from pavement dedicated systems. 

Road Surface Workflow
Understand how the tools work. 

Run prerequisite processes to use the automated tools. 

Automatic Distress Analysis Tools
Identify large distress types in seconds.

Distress types such as: ruts, potholes, swells, heaving, depression and more.

Easily Identify Other Types of Distress
Learn to efficiently identify those non-automatic types of distress. 

Finer or detailed distress types such as: Cracks, breaks, patching, bleeding, etc.

ASTM D6433 Standard PCI reports
Run reports and export results in formats such as Paver, Excel and Shape files. 

Additional Features

  • Share and communicate results using TopoShare Dashboard. 
  • Create optimized surface meshes.
  • Additional companion tools and workflows.
  • and more!

We are constantly working to improve extraction workflows and implement new features to support the expansion of LiDAR survey applications. Please send us any questions you may have ahead of the webinar in your registration form. You may extend this webinar invitation to anyone interested in learning more about this within your organization!

Recording and Past Webinars
If you can’t attend the live event or if you want to view past webinar recordings visit the webinars page.

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