We are proud to announce the release of TopoDOT Version 2020.2 for MicroStation CONNECT. TopoDOT for MicroStation V8i has not changed. Please download and install the latest release to stay current with our newest developments. 

Before installing be sure to have MicroStation CONNECT Update 13 or newer. For OpenRoads Designer or PowerDraft use the latest available update. To automatically download the latest update, use the “Check for Updates” option within the TopoDOT menu. Alternatively you may click the link below to directly download the installation file.

What’s New?  

There are many new features and tool enhancements in this release. We wanted to highlight a few that we know you’d be excited about.   

Data Management 

Data organization is critically important to the effective administration of point cloud data. TopoDOT offers a complete tool suite focused just on data organization. New to this release is the Tile Parsing Wizard tool. It consolidates the parsing tools into one easy step. Additionally it allows for user specified export formats (Ex: .DOT, .LAS, .LAZ and .E57). It also features a new option to override the Point Source ID with File index. This allows the data to retain the individual file information in the point source id field of the file. Watch a short demo of this tool here

Tiling Parsing Wizard Tool 

Data Extraction 

We are constantly improving modeling efficiency for our customers. Finding the right balance of automation and accuracy has always been at the fore front of our R&D.  We recognized that there was a need in the TopoDOT community for more efficient break-line extraction. Therefore, the most recent changes in the automatic break-line extraction using the Template tools include:  

  • Normalizing the scoring for variable data density so it is more efficient for TLS projects.  
  • A user defined sensitivity option that gives users the flexibility to optimize results based on the site/data complexity.  

Moreover, the new Elevation Adjustment Functionality, provides users with a unique and efficient means of locating breaks that may have been missed by automation (Ex: ramps, driveways, inlets). This functionality is available as a standalone tool and is also integrated within the Break-line Extraction and the Template Extraction tools. Click here for a short demo of this update or watch the full training video here.  

Elevation Adjustment Functionality

Much more… 

  • This release supports LAS 1.4 export and allows classifications greater then 31  
  • Random Noise filter was improved  
  • The vertical Clearance tool got a few updates for better results  

TopoDOT software includes all of the point cloud tools you need to maximize the value of your survey data. Try a free demo to see how TopoDOT can help your organization improve productivity and increase revenue.

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