In this month’s “Extracting Value Series” the Certainty 3D team will demonstrate how TopoDOT® tools and workflows can be used to take your road DTM surface to the next level of precision. Traditional survey techniques provided cross sections at 25, 50 or even 100 feet intervals. LiDAR data and TopoDOT® took those models to the next level of precision with cross-sections extracted automatically at any desired interval; typically 10 feet or less. The problem is that not every pothole, break or rut can be described using 10 foot cross sections. Now new TopoDOT® tools and workflows will automatically yield a road surface that captures every pothole, rut and break in the road surface using the fewest points possible. The resulting DTM surface is very “light” yet extremely detailed. This unique capability will continue to give our customers a competitive advantage keeping them at the forefront of LiDAR technology.

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