Lidar System

This month’s webinar will focus on TopoDOT tools associated with the “Assessment” component of MAeX workflow. The demonstration will feature TopoDOT’s new “Flight Line Assessment” tool applied to mobile LiDAR data. See how quickly this new tool compares the relative alignment of multiple point cloud data sets acquired during multiple passes along a corridor. This will be followed with a brief review of TopoDOT’s “Point Cloud to Data Analysis” tool. This two step highly automated process establishes a direct lineage between the data and survey control. Another new tool, “Path Deviation Assessment” compares any line to the point cloud surface identifying and reporting any deviations. Use this tool to “Assess” the point cloud against a design feature such as a road alignment. This tool is also used to assure the quality of extracted line features and is ideal for a quick spot check to Assess the quality of an extracted model.

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