On September 6, 2022 at 5:09 PM EST, our dedicated server provider has undergone unplanned maintenance during their datacenter migration process and most of our services are down with an preliminary estimate of 4 – 8 hours to resolve. This is an ongoing issue and we will provide an update when it has resolved. You can view our service status page at: status.topodot.com.

Update 8:45 PM EST: Our server provider has resolved the issue and our web services are back online.

Looking to the future of TopoDOT and our services for our customers, we’re looking to decentralize and provide redundancy to our services to avoid mass outages like this from happening again. We are in the process of segmenting our various web services onto their own cloud servers with their own failovers should anything happen to any given host to minimize any downtime our services may have. We apologize for any convenience this may have had on your operations.

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