Smart Cell Definition and Placement

The TopoDOT software will need to access the licensing system through the web in order to operate properly. Should the user be disconnected from the internet at any time, TopoDOT will automatically check out an offline license for a period of 14 days. If the user has not reconnected to the internet after the 14 days allowed for offline usage, the TopoDOT software will no longer function.

In certain cases, TopoDOT will not be able to properly connect to the licensing system. In these cases, certain variables may need to be modified in the software as well as the local network.

1) Proxy information may be entered in the TopoDOT configuration file located in
“C:\TopoDOT\TopoDOT.ini” in order to properly route outgoing information
through the local network.

[Proxy Information]
; Set "Enable Proxy" to 1 to enable Proxy support, 0 to disable Proxy support
Enable Proxy=0

; Set “Enable IEProxy” to 1 to auto configure the proxy information based on your
internet explorer settings. “Enable Proxy” must also be set to 1
Enable IEProxy=0

; Proxy information


: SOCKS "1" will use HTTP Proxy
; SOCKS "4" servers only support usernames without passwords.
; SOCKS "5" servers support full login/password authentication.
SOCKS Version=1

2) Network firewall settings may need to be modified to allow access to the
licensing server located at “” using port 80.

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