With the latest Bentley MicroStation update (update 15), a few TopoDOT features were broken in the update and we have a solution to patch the functionality back in.

The following features have been confirmed broken in the latest MicroStation update:

  • TopoAerial
  • Import KML
  • %LAT %LNG attribute variables
  • Google Earth Export

Around the same time as Bentley’s MicroStation update, Google updated their StreetView API, which broke StreetView functionality across TopoDOT regardless of TopoDOT or MicroStation version. Updating TopoDOT to the latest beta will fix this as well.

Fortunately, we have a workable solution: update to MicroStation Update 15 and install the latest TopoDOT beta version. You can update your TopoDOT by downloading the latest beta setup on our downloads page or by setting your download branch to ‘Beta’ in TopoDOT and using the Check for Updates button!


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