The FLS file is FARO’s proprietary LiDAR scan data format that stores spatial (x,y,z),
Intensity, RGB, Unit and scanner origin information. In order for a compatible 3rd party
software (TopoDOT) to read the FARO laser scanner data an Importer (SDK) needs to
be installed. This FARO SDK installation will allow TopoDOT to read the latest version
of the FLS file format.


  • Download the latest 32 bit version of the FARO SDK(x86) from Faro. Do not download the 64 bit version. Downloading options:
    • Using Certainty3D,—32-bit-setup.exe
    • Using FARO (credentials form will be required),
  • FARO Installation Instructions:
    • Install 32 bit. Once finished, open ‘Windows/File Explorer’ and navigate to C:\Windows\winsxs\
      • Search for ‘faro’
      • Identify the <> from the latest FARO SDK installation. ‘Right-Click’ on that file (the dll) and select open file location.
      • Copy the file path from the URL/address bar. You will use this in the next step.
    • Open command prompt with administrator privileges. You can do this by clicking the start menu, start typing “cmd.exe” (with no quotes). You should see cmd.exe appear on the top. ‘Right-click’ it and select “Run as

      • Type “cd “ (with a space after cd, no quotes) and then right click in the window and select paste. You should see the full file path included before the cursor (>) in the command prompt window.
      • Type the following lines (push ‘Enter’ after each line):
        • Regsvr32.exe iQOpen.dll
        • Regsvr32.exe FARO.LS.SDK.dll
      • You should see a “DLLRegisterServer Succeeded” message after each line.
      • Restart the computer/machine. TopoDOT will now be able to read the latest FLS file formats.


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