By default, TopoDOT defines three global levels that are required for proper functionality.

Temp Level – Level used by tools to place temporary point elements during QAQC process. For example, the ‘Drape Element to Data’ tool produces these points. Default: “TopoDOT Temp”

Data Mapping Level – Level used when mapping TopoDOT icons to the DGN, via the ‘Map Position Icons’ tool. Default: “Scan Positions”

Data Tiles Level – Level used when generating tile shape elements. For example, the ‘Generate Tiles Along Path’ tool produces these shapes. Default: “Data Tiles”

These levels can be customized in the Level Settings dialog located under the “TopoDOT Settings” ribbon.

If these levels are missing, TopoDOT will create them as they are used. Keep in mind that most TopoDOT extraction tools that will have their own set of default levels which will be created. However, if your workspace does not allow for the creation of levels and these levels do not already exist, an error will appear.

There are three options for resolving this error:

  1. Allow for the creation of new levels. This is typically handled by the MicroStation Configuration Variable “_USTN_CAPABILITY”.
  2. Specify these as included levels within your workspace.
  3. Change the levels in the Level Options dialog and within the extraction tools to an existing level within your workspace.
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